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Charting its distinctive course in the dynamic Nairobi fashion realm, At Odds, an apparel brand spearheaded by the visionary creative director Patrick J Hawi is reshaping the notion of crafting high-quality, accessible and timeless pieces. 

At Odds is not your run-of-the-mill fashion brand, with its distinct approach to crafting its items. Hawi states, "The start point is usually very personal. In the sense that I am a low-key guy in general but appreciate items that are loud and well-refined." This personal touch is evident in every piece they create. While some brands thrive on loud, extravagant designs, At Odds is all about simplicity and refinement.

The brand is on a mission to forge its path and develop outstanding pieces. Each item is made with utmost dedication, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship at an accessible price point. The brand aims to make every person feel extraordinary when wearing At Odds, embodying the ethos of "create your own path and embrace being different."

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At Odds fills a unique niche in the fashion ecosystem by providing elevated basics that are stylish and multi-functional. Their commitment to an affordable price point bridges the gap, making high-quality clothing accessible without compromising on the product's integrity. In a world filled with fast fashion, At Odds is a breath of fresh air.

The latest collection from At Odds is a continuation of the ‘MUST HAVE SERIES’. Each item is meticulously crafted using high-quality cotton, with dedicated attention to the cut and finishing. This attention to detail truly sets them apart. The collection features unisex pieces, including rugby-style shirts, fitted dresses, and co-ord sets of midi skirts and t-shirts. 

The collection gives off a preppy, old-money vibe,  with a clean and modern twist. As Hawi says, "We keep it simple but get it right, and that's why the collection has been such a hit." The collection caters to the modern middle-class African who pays attention to detail. It's for the on-the-go young professional who always has plans after work and attends any and all social events. These pieces effortlessly transition from day to night, making them ideal for the urban lifestyle. 

Additionally, this collection is a testament to the new age of African fashion, where print is not the sole king. Breaking away from the typical touristy-centred African fashion design stereotypes and converging towards modern, stylish, functional and everyday fashion savoir-faire that transcends across borders and zeitgeists. 

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The At Odds ethos resonates with Arrai’s - our goal is to empower, showcase and share with the world - a modern, progressive, sustainable, abundant and world resonant fashion movement.

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