Metamorphisized: An Ode to Style Transformation

Metamorphisized: An Ode to Style Transformation

A new name is rising to prominence - Metamorphisized, a streetwear brand masterminded by the innovative creative director, Daudi O. His journey into fashion design is uniquely shaped by his background in civil engineering, which imparts a distinctive and precise approach to garment construction, design, and storytelling.

The essence of this brand lies in its ethos, which reverberates with the idea of cumulative wardrobes; The brand consistently introduces new styles that seamlessly integrate with their foundational pieces, a testament to the art of creating a cohesive wardrobe where every piece effortlessly complements the other.

KISMART, the latest collection from Metamorphisized, is a sartorial masterpiece that transcends time. Rooted in the early '90s, it delivers an authentic and contemporary interpretation of fashion. Within this collection, you'll discover a range of garments that redefine the boundaries of style. Oversized denim jackets make a bold entrance with their vivid colour palette, including striking yellows and a classic light wash denim adorned with intricate floral embroidery. The darker shades of blue are enigmatic, featuring web-like motifs and are paired seamlessly with matching bucket hats.

Metamorphisized Floral Print Set

Further embracing the essence of transformation, Metamorphisized presents sensuous floral print shirts, crafted from a mesh-like material that subverts the norms of masculinity. The addition of football-style jerseys and shorts break from the overall aesthetic thus far, while lightweight sports jackets and matching cargo pants offer a harmonious blend of form and functionality. Finally, the inclusion of flower motif print tote bags rounds out the collection, providing a chic accessory that beautifully accentuates your ensemble.

This collection caters to the fashion-forward individual with a penchant for functional pieces that boldly express their style. KISMART leans towards an androgynous vibe and identity, encapsulating the essential daily needs of Nairobi's vibrant youth. Its relevance lies in its versatility. These pieces are designed to seamlessly integrate into any wardrobe, ensuring they resonate with individuals across various subcultures. Metamorphisized has successfully bridged the gap between fashion and functionality, offering a transformative experience for fashion enthusiasts.

Metamorphisized Checked Shirt Arrai
Our impression of this collection is one of admiration. The harmonious fusion of materials, colours, and styles is a visual delight. It skilfully balances functionality with relaxation, ensuring that each piece is suitable for daily wear and occasions that demand a more elevated look. Captivating prints introduce an edge and textural diversity, rendering this collection a true revelation.
Metamorphisized's collection is a testament to the brand's commitment to transformation. With its unique character and inclusive design, it appeals to a diverse range of aesthetics and identities, making it a must-have for those who seek to elevate their style. Explore the transformative world of KISMART by Metamorphisized on the new Arrai marketplace and unlock a new level of expression.

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