Udzo by Tiger Tail Twister: Weaving Kenya's Heritage into Modern Jewellery

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Tiger Tail Twister is as a beacon of ethically handcrafted bespoke jewellery that breathes life into African history and culture. This Kenyan-owned brand shatters preconceived notions of African jewellery, seamlessly blending traditional motifs with contemporary design. "We take design motifs from traditional art and homeware, then incorporate them into contemporary pieces of wearable art," says the founder. At its core, the brand strives to redefine African jewellery for the modern consumer, creating a sense of belonging and a piece of home for its buyers.

In the realm of non-western centric brands, it stands out for its adept navigation between traditional design and modern styles. The brand succeeds in creating pieces that are not only authentic and rooted in tradition but also effortlessly integrate into the fabric of everyday life. This delicate balance is what makes Tiger Tail a significant player in the world of jewellery, capturing the essence of both past and present.

Enter Udzo, a jewellery collection named after the Giriama word for beauty or goodness, who’s pieces explore the rich tapestry of Mijikenda design; The Bantu-speaking tribal group found along Kenya's coast. Divided into subcollections, Udzo offers a diverse range of pieces, each telling a unique story. From the Korongo Set's spring-like designs to the regal opulence of the Mkeka Set and the more traditional, vibrant beaded Vorodede Set, Udzo encapsulates the essence of Mijikenda culture and history.

Beyond the aesthetic allure, Udzo has a deeper purpose — reviving traditional craft and retelling stories from a uniquely African perspective. The collection was born out of months of research and a residency spent collaborating with artists in the community, emphasizing the importance of authenticity. Involving the local community in the creative process ensures that Udzo not only reflects but also respects the living culture it draws inspiration from.

Tiger Tail's Udzo Collection marks a milestone in the world of body jewellery, not only standing out but also leaving an indelible mark with this collection. The pieces resonate with the modern Kenyan consumer while retaining a timeless beauty that transcends trends. As they strive to reclaim the narrative surrounding African artistic expression, Udzo becomes more than jewellery; it becomes a symbol of home and a celebration of heritage. We eagerly anticipate the brand's continued evolution and its impact on the broader discourse of African creativity.

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