Image: Arrai Shop African Fashion Brands Online on Arrai.Shop. Discover stylish, affordable clothing, jewelry, handbags and unique handmade pieces from top Kenyan & African fashion brands prioritising sustainability and quality craftsmanship.

About Us

We Are Arrai

Discover the latest in African fashion with Arrai (Ah-Rey), an online platform that brings together emerging fashion brands, designers, and vendors from across Africa. 

Founded in Nairobi, Kenya in 2022, Arrai provides customers with a seamless and enjoyable online shopping experience, connecting them with the best in emerging African fashion.

Empowering African Fashion

At Arrai, we strive to empower and showcase African fashion through our community platform. 

We view our brands as partners and work to provide them with a suite of services, resources, and networks to help grow their business. 

Our goal is to meet the growing consumer demand for sustainable, high-quality, and beautifully made fashion products made and sourced by African brands. Along with delivering a reliable and enjoyable shopping experience for customers to discover, buy, and explore great African fashion brands.

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