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Code of Ethics

At Arrai, we are dedicated to upholding the human rights of all those involved in our operations, including employees, supply chain workers, customers, and local communities by treating them with respect and protecting them.

Ensuring the respect and protection of human rights for all workers in our supply chain is our top responsibility. This includes ensuring that all workers feel safe, secure and respected at work. 

To fulfill this responsibility, we engage with local communities and partners throughout our supply chain, provide transparency to customers about our supply chain, monitor for social impacts and work to remediate them. 

All of our sellers are required to comply with this Code of Conduct throughout their supply chain where production or sourcing for products listed and sold through Arrai takes place. In cases of conflicting standards, the highest standard for worker protection will be upheld.


We ensure that the majority of the proceeds from sales are directly paid to our sellers. This allows them to provide better wages to their suppliers, create higher quality products, manufacture locally and reduce their environmental footprint when getting their products to customers.


Arrai strictly prohibits all forms of modern slavery in any form. This includes any use of forced labor, such as prison labor, indentured labor, bonded labor or any other form of forced labor. The seller is responsible for ensuring that all workers are legally eligible for employment and covering any recruitment fees.


Our suppliers and subcontractors are not permitted to employ anyone under the age of 16, or the local legal minimum age or the age for completing compulsory education, whichever is higher. Sellers are required to guarantee that all workers meet both legal age and minimum wage standards. Employees under 18 are not allowed to work in dangerous conditions. If child labor is found, sellers must take responsibility for rectifying the negative impacts and ensuring the well-being of the minor.


At Arrai, discrimination of any kind is not tolerated among our sellers and their subcontractors. This includes hiring, compensation, promotion or discipline. All employees must be treated with respect and equality regardless of their gender, race, religion, caste, age, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status, nationality, political opinion, trade union affiliation, or social or ethnic origin. We ensure that women and men receive equal pay for work of equal value.


Arrai has a zero-tolerance policy for any form of harassment, abuse or mistreatment in our supply chain. This includes any physical, sexual, psychological or verbal abuse, or use of corporal punishment. Our sellers are expected to treat their employees with respect and dignity at all times.


Arrai ensures that all workers, regardless of gender, receive fair compensation for their regular workweek that meets their basic needs. Our sellers and their subcontractors must pay at least the legal minimum wage in a timely manner, and provide all legally mandated benefits such as holidays, leaves, and statutory severance when employment ends. Deductions from pay as a form of discipline are not allowed.


Sellers and their subcontractors are required to comply with laws and regulations that protect workers' rights, including those related to labor and social security. Homeworkers must also be treated fairly and given appropriate compensation in accordance with this Code.


Sellers and their subcontractors must ensure the safety and cleanliness of the workplace for all employees. Measures must be in place to identify, avoid, and address any potential safety hazards. Every effort must be made to prevent accidents from occurring. The buildings used for manufacturing and storage must be safe and emergency plans must be established. 


Arrai has a zero-tolerance policy for corruption and bribery in its supply chain.


We only sell animal hides such as cow and lamb that are by-products of the meat industry, and will never sell a product from an animal that was killed solely for its skin.    


All designs we sell on behalf of our sellers are proprietary to each individual brand, unique and original. These items are manufactured under the close guidance of the designer, and produced specifically for them to meet strict quality standards. We will never sell designs from another designer as original.